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Membership is the way to go! As a member, you’ll get unlimited receive priority booking, full 24/7 access to the studio, a personalized entry code, and booking options tailored to your needs. Plus, we’ll include members-only events, fresh headshots for your business, and priority listing in our directory. Whether you’re scheduling a shoot, a client meeting, or coming in knock out edits, membership is the best way to receive well-rounded support for your business!

The Kindred

90 $ ($130 Value)
  • 2 redeemable hours
  • One Headshot for Community Page​
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The Kinfolk

299 $ (3 month agreement)
  • Kinfolk-only Events
  • Quarterly Headshots
  • 1-to-1 Annual Planning

The Community

180 $ ($260 Value)
  • 4 redeemable hours
  • Quarterly mini brand session with Kpelle staff
  • One Headshot for Community Page

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If you have any questions or just want to chat, our inbox it open! Email us at – We’re here to answer any questions and support your creativity however we can!